Sonntag, 10. Juni 2018


谢谢 黃啟閔 
谢谢Gary Lee
I got impressive, amazing oldfashion mosaic Lutinos from Tawain. 
黃啟閔 bred these good fish. It is a good start to get Lutino with european standard. Gary Lee brought this fish to europe!

谢谢 again 

Samstag, 9. Juni 2018

Longtime no see

many things happend all the time I posted last time.
Now I will share some pictures and infos about my breeding.
Actually I run 20 breeding tanks , 2 for each "strain":

F2 generation between my Platinum Ni² Pastel (y-linked) and a "full platinum" (female) from Thailand. The coloration is nice, but finshape is just a little bit better then a regular generation will tell if I will continue the improvement of this "strain".

My old American Pink White strain, at the last WGC Vienna a pair of this strain got second of AOC Deltatails. You see a old Breeding male and a youngster. This strain gives good shaped finbs and also good proportion. Maybe there is IFGA ancestry in it? The white is often dull, but clean. Body coloration ist oldfashion style with blueish peduncle in some specimen. APW is x-linked in this strain.

Here is a Platinum Japan Blue Mosaic, I got from Claus Osche years ago. This linie is enriched with bodybasecolor Gold (Bronze) by myself. I am looking forward to the next generation, which will gives  homozygoes Golden(Bronze) fish again.

When I did an outcross to create an second line for my APW strain from above. A new phaenotype appeared. The white of the APW is very clear and bright, some red dots appeared at the body and the blue shining at the peduncle disappeared.I will improve this "strain" to have a fitting "line" for an outcross to my other APW "strain" , when it is necessary in future.

Platinum Ni² APW  : young males

Platinum Ni² APW  : old breeding male
This is my (y-linkedPlatinum-Ni² Pastel)(x-linked APW) Strain . I comes from an experiment. I crossed an APW female of my other strain with a"kumara sunray" male from petshop to see, which genetical composition is "kumara sunray".  My tested male gives a lot of Platinum Halfblack APW. A few with nearly clean white finage. After a few generations they reached this grade of breeding status. I like them a lot.
After my crossing I saw that Bryan Chin created a similar project by using Platinum HB Reds from Petshop. Of course he is breeding for red in his project.

Wildtype male from Aripo River

Wildtype male from Aripo River


Topswordstrain I started  2003

this male appeared in a glass testcross. This male lost his "grass pattern", the heteromorpha trait and the lost "grass" looks like MBAG trait.

Fighting Tanichthys micagemmae.I like them a lot , too.

cheers tobi

Freitag, 24. April 2015



here are some fish I want to show you:

Topsword which was among some AOC (Multi Colored) Fancy Tail guppys in a big pet market. Maybe a x-over fish  with strong influence of  "Delta"-Tailshape to the topsword. Dull bodycolor and poor finshape & fincolor  you can easily see. Only the good bodysize of this fish is nice. I will not work with this fish in future.

Also found in a petshop, never see such a fish before. Maybe it is Ni² or just MBAG, also I can imagine that there is Lace influence in this genetics. Seems to be a true shorttail guppy. I will not breed with this specimen, too. So there will be no test matings about the genetics n future too.

Very nice Platinum (Y) Red (X) Shorttail from commercial Trade.
 I love the color...also the shape is nice. Enjoy the pic.

Platinum (Y) and Halfblack Red (X) from commercial trade, too. Easy to see codominant tailshape between shorttail and fancy (delta)tail. I bet it will get  a poor sloppy fancy tail in a few month. Very nice is the bright coloration!  
Fancy Mosaic from commercial trade. Oldschool strain well breed since 50ies/60ies last century.

cheers tobi

Donnerstag, 9. April 2015

Xiphophorus variatus "la Laguna"


have a look to my Xiphophorus variatus "la Laguna"

old male

10 months old pair

before young males get a red caudal fin their basecolor gets from juvenile (and female) brown to slaty. so it is easy to distinguish the sex of the young fish before mature.
cheers tobi

Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

End of January

Hi folks,
some pics out of my rack:

X-linked red Topsword. After all I found a proper  Y-linked dorsalcolor trait!

Y-linked Singer (Singa) with X (or autosomal) Blackbar Japan Blue

HB White breeder male
         HB White breeder male with diluted Ni² maybe affected by an metallic trait, like Störzbach-Metal

hope you like it


Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

Santa Maria, Snake Aquamarine, Santa Snake


today a few shoots from Robert Galls output. He brought  his culled specimens to my flat for some pictures.

X-linked red Lace Snakeskin with Y-linked Lazuli

Y-linked Santa Maria with X-linked Doublesword

Y-linked Santa Maria and X-linked Lace Snakeskin

cheers tobi

PS: Thanks to Alan Bias for our good conversations about guppys!

Donnerstag, 27. November 2014