Samstag, 23. November 2013

Gold Nugget


this is a blond (aka. gold in US) Störzbach Metall (autosomal) halfblack Yellow (X) Platinum Metall (Y) found in petshop last month. Called "Full gold"

svenska ljusblå blixt


here are some pics of a light blue basecolored Japan Blue bred by Björn Lundmark in Sweden.
I will use them to tinker topswords with the light blue basecolour.

For my conception this basecolor is a "dilution" of the wildtype grey, but without any effect to black or blue colour cells.

So have a look:

in comparsion to a wildgrey female

Red Topswords


this is my last x-linked topsword on Y chromosome it has the "Iridescense Trait"(compare with the scientific paper of O. Winge)  of my Vienna Emerald like topswords. There is still alot of work in this strain...

cheers tobi

turquoise gift

Hi folks

last week I get this male as a gift from my friend Claus Osche. He breeds several lines of HB White Deltas.
One line he got from another breeder, which name I does not know, it throws some non halfblack fish. Females and Males. One of the males I got.

Interesting is:

#1 : that these fish looking in shape similar to old japanese lowersword strains, which where used to create "old fashion mosaic" Deltatails.
#2:  that these fish seems to have no influence about the clean-color of the HB Whites in this strain. No colour errors appear in this HB White strain.
#3: these fish are obviously grey basecolored but they are showing only light blue/ turquoise pattern. On the first view they are similar to basecolor light blue.

I will work with this male...maybe there is a new mutation...

Now look at the pics:


Freitag, 15. November 2013

Evelynae & Molly Mix

Xiphophorus evelynae

Molly Mix


Basecolor Blond (aka. Gold in US)

Basecolor Gold (aka. Bronce in US or Tiger in Asia)
doublerecessive Basecolor Gold&Blond = Creme



I got the original Maculatus Strain  with blond Bodybasecolor Mutation. Now I can check every female about its traits.
When I mate a male from this strain, I only need to deduct the Maculatus Traits to know what the female has transmitted to its offspring males.

Donnerstag, 15. August 2013


found in my balkony tank

Redchest Wingei x Speartail Yellow Platinum Female

Platinum x Red Shorttail Lazuli female

Light Blue Topsword x Vienna AOC Topsword female

Donnerstag, 1. August 2013

oh no no


last weeks were a little bit disappointing. Two litters of my AOC Topsswords developing a very irregular pattern. Much more as I like. So some males have 3 black dots at one bodyside, and 1 black dot at the other.  
I will take a backcross and test some more females with my last unique males.
So now you can enjoy some pics now...

a pair of "Phallichthys amates" they are wildtype relatives of our Guppies

F1 Hybrid between Xiphophorus variatus + Xiphophorus helleri
F1 Hybrid between a Vienna Emerald Bottom Sword and an AOC Topsword female.
Poecilia obscura *Typuslocation*

cheers tobi

Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013



here you can see a F1 goldmarbled male which is trying to mate with a wildtype Poecilia gillii female:
The male is father of the marbled male from the last posting.

cheers tobi

Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013



long time ago I startet with some Poecilia gillii and some fancy Gold Dust Mollys an experiment.
Gold Dust Male x Gillii Female

F1 Generation:
Basecolored wildgrey and gold(!)  Marbled

Crossing between two  F1 Golds(virgin female!)

Basecolored wildgrey and gold(!) Marbled

Below you can see one F1 Male grey Marbled with red finnage and gold dust Breast:

And additionally a look to one of my Metarika Tops, with nice peacock ornament and gorgeous green peduncle.

so have fun


Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013



at the Vienna European Master Championship I got this year a very rare and nice topswords strain.

It was created by Dr. W. Schuster. he introduced Bronce and Albino to his Snakeskin Topsword Strain and worked out these "Blackheaded Trait" you can see at the pics.

I got 2 pairs of these strain.
1,1 = grey
1,0 = golden (aka bronce)
0,1 = creme which means doubl. recessive gold&blond (aka. bronce&gold or tiger&gold)

In tank#1 living also some Shrimps, a few Ramshornsnails (pink and red) and Hygrophila polysperma *rosanervis* is crowding at the surface, maybe it will get a pot in future.

So now have a look:

cheers tobi

racks and rockets

Hej folks,

in January I moved into a new flat and built a second new rack of wood by myself.Now I have to manage one aluminium rack with 16 tanks about 25L (ca. 7 gallons) and one wooden rack with 16 tanks about 54L (ca. 14 gallons).
In the last month I decided to quit the most of my testcrossings and cover pattern projects for intensifiying my concentration about my lovely topswords.
Now I still raise up my Vienna Emerald Like AOC Strain, these nice Metarika, awful amazing Austrian Snakeskin Topswords and a few rare Basecolors and maybe one or two Wildtypes.
What excatly you will find out in the following weeks :)

Here is my new rack  in my

cheers tobi

Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Lazuli & other Baits 2.0

well round 2 with Lazuli & other baits
Wildguppy Aripo River Hybrids (looking like Lazuli!!!)

Wildguppy Aripo River Hybrids (looking like Lazuli!!!) Mother was a Topsswordfemale.

Wildguppy Aripo River Hybrids (looking like Lazuli!!!) The  red shorttail is also a Ariporiver Hybrid, please compare with a real Lazuli below!

Wildguppy Aripo River Hybrids (looking like Lazuli!!!)

One of my AOC (Vienna Emerald Like) Topsswords and one which I got from Katja Tyka (the red one)

my AOC (Vienna Emerald Like) Topssword born around X-Mas
Lazuli Red Shorttail with Asian Blue Cheat, and his red Brother, you can see below

Lazuli Red Shorttail I got from Robert Gall, please compare it with the Aripo River Hybrid!
Lazuli  has got a oval shaped pattern, the Aripos shows more a Blue Line, also te Lazuli is stonger Blue  like Japan Blue. Aripo Blue disappaer when the fish moves in shade!

Lazuli and some other Baits

ooups, it is is long tme ago, I updated this blog. But now I will blow up some pics (maybe also your mind) and hope everything is fine out there :)

Poecila obscura *typuslocation*
Poecila obscura *typuslocation*
Magenta Topsword
Blond Neon Topssword (modified Doubesword!)
I mate this Neon Topssword with one of my Topssword females, here you can see  the F1 offspring...
Neon...with Doublesword Genetics
outcross with some feederfish I found in petshop month ago
X Moscow -redtail and Y Lazuli  !!! These guys can turn nearly black like moscow blues...but there s still a Lazuli Shining at their gill cover.
Photosetting today, I tried my Fujifinepix not my Canon...
to get the males closer...I used an attractive bait  :) and it worked well