Freitag, 24. April 2015



here are some fish I want to show you:

Topsword which was among some AOC (Multi Colored) Fancy Tail guppys in a big pet market. Maybe a x-over fish  with strong influence of  "Delta"-Tailshape to the topsword. Dull bodycolor and poor finshape & fincolor  you can easily see. Only the good bodysize of this fish is nice. I will not work with this fish in future.

Also found in a petshop, never see such a fish before. Maybe it is Ni² or just MBAG, also I can imagine that there is Lace influence in this genetics. Seems to be a true shorttail guppy. I will not breed with this specimen, too. So there will be no test matings about the genetics n future too.

Very nice Platinum (Y) Red (X) Shorttail from commercial Trade.
 I love the color...also the shape is nice. Enjoy the pic.

Platinum (Y) and Halfblack Red (X) from commercial trade, too. Easy to see codominant tailshape between shorttail and fancy (delta)tail. I bet it will get  a poor sloppy fancy tail in a few month. Very nice is the bright coloration!  
Fancy Mosaic from commercial trade. Oldschool strain well breed since 50ies/60ies last century.

cheers tobi

Donnerstag, 9. April 2015

Xiphophorus variatus "la Laguna"


have a look to my Xiphophorus variatus "la Laguna"

old male

10 months old pair

before young males get a red caudal fin their basecolor gets from juvenile (and female) brown to slaty. so it is easy to distinguish the sex of the young fish before mature.
cheers tobi