Montag, 21. April 2008

PinK PonK


today I visited my good friend Horst, he got my Pinkstrain for starting guppybreeding. Here you can see his top breeder male:

The picture is taken by him: Canon EOS 40D,



Sonntag, 13. April 2008

Mixed Pics


these pics I found today in my pic data. You can just have a look.

A sibpair of young Japan Blue Topswords:

A threesome of pinkPingus. The picture was taken in a quarantine-tank, which was standing on a brown towel:

greetz tobi

Good Old Times!


Claus Osche and I visited Horst Schillat two years ago . He was a great Guppybreeder from Berlin. We talked about the "good old times", he told us about his breeding practice and we looked happily in his old full-glass-tanks. It was really interesting to see his breedingroom and learn some "oldschool breeding tricks", such as you can read in "All about Guppies" (Whitney/Hähnel).

I like this "retro-style" of guppybreeding! Here you can see two pics of this visit:

Claus Osche (left) and Horst Schillat (right) discussing about some speartailed guppys.



Donnerstag, 3. April 2008

ruby thursday

Hi Guys,

I got these ruby eyed guppys last month from Asia. One of the females will dropp her fry in a few days. I am very glad!

Here you can see the dorsum of a saddleback female. Look at the black pigment.

How do you think about this Platinum Saddleback? I don*t like this combination of colors.
At the beginning of these crossing experiment I thought, that the platinum will get yellow, too.

One of my lovely red ramshorn-snails.

This is a young yellow snakeskin "shorti".

I am looking forward to the first show in this season!