Sonntag, 27. Juli 2008

Leopards & more


I will start a family with my girlfriend. We will move in together and happily we will get a son in november. So nowadays it is stressful cause of the move. I am hoping that the new water condition will not threat my fish!

Here is a big Mosaic Female (looking funny):

I got it from Fred Rosenau, it is out of an old strain from Matthias Pfahler. I crossed this simple Mosaic female with some Vienna-Emerald Bottomswords to produce Oldfashion Mosaics like Japanese Guppybreeder. Pics will commings soon!

This is the new generation of my redchest topswords. You can see clearly the influence of (some?) surpressor gene(s?) in this strain. I got some wildtyped Doubleswords and some (because surpressed!) Topsswords.

Here is one of my Leopard (Yellow Grass) Breedermale. Offspring was born yesterday---! Yeah!

Finally I decided to conserve the basecolor "light blue" from H. Grossmann. Only one female survived the procession from Saxonia to Berlin. But it is still full of the joys of life and certainly pregnant. This two will become the ancestors of my light blue strain in future. A yellow snakeskin shorttail ( outcrossed from Hans Classen*s strain) and the light blue snake female from H. Grossmann.

so on I will move

bye tobi

Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008



It seems to be a kohaku maculatus!



Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2008

red all over


the young full red X. maculatus are still raising up!


Tuxedo Lyres


is it able to breed Tuxedo Lyretails (or other Swordtails) ???

Here my inspiration:

Red Tuxedo Endler Hybrids!


No Guppy but Gambusia !


here you can compare a Gambusia affinis female to you own Guppyfemales! It looks similar, but Gambusia don*t interbreed with Guppys and they are horrible fin biting fish!

Notice the form and position of the anal blotch!


Yellow Grass Endler


this fish is a hybrid of a male Endler and a Yellow Grass (aka. Leopard) female.

Notice the nice metallic shining at his body, especially the green area near the gill cover.

Interbreeding with wildtypes are obviously able to pimp up the colour of some high-breed strains, right?

cheers tobi

proudly present


notice the very interesting concolorous caudal fin. If I could fix this feature in future, I will be very happy!


Hans Grossmann


in Juni I visited the famous guppybreeder Hans Grossmann in Saxonia. He breeds Snakes of the very rare third blue variety!

This body-base-color ist called "hell blau" (engl.: light blue) in Germany. We changed some fish, so I got some light blue Snakes.

European Blue: rr (homozygot it is able to show red color)
Asian Blue: r²r² (heterozygot you can see the grass-effect- homozygot there ist no red and yellow)
Light blue: r³r³ (homozygot it able to show yellow color)

Sadly only one Female survived the adaptation from the soft acidic saxonian water to our hard basic water in Berlin.

I took pics of the last male together with some Tuxedos to compare the base color.

Here a homozygote light blue Snakeskin (r³r³) at the DGF Show in May, bred by H. Grossmann.

Here is his breeding-room.

Here you can see some light blue Snake Breeders:

cheers tobi

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2008



collage of my old pingustrain:

Nice green wilds from Surinam (pictures were taken by Ramona Osche):

Vienna Emerald Topswords:

Wildguppy from Brazil (picture was taken by Ramona Osche):

African wildstrain from Ghana (pictures were also taken by Ramona Osche):

cheers tobi