Sonntag, 27. Juli 2008

Leopards & more


I will start a family with my girlfriend. We will move in together and happily we will get a son in november. So nowadays it is stressful cause of the move. I am hoping that the new water condition will not threat my fish!

Here is a big Mosaic Female (looking funny):

I got it from Fred Rosenau, it is out of an old strain from Matthias Pfahler. I crossed this simple Mosaic female with some Vienna-Emerald Bottomswords to produce Oldfashion Mosaics like Japanese Guppybreeder. Pics will commings soon!

This is the new generation of my redchest topswords. You can see clearly the influence of (some?) surpressor gene(s?) in this strain. I got some wildtyped Doubleswords and some (because surpressed!) Topsswords.

Here is one of my Leopard (Yellow Grass) Breedermale. Offspring was born yesterday---! Yeah!

Finally I decided to conserve the basecolor "light blue" from H. Grossmann. Only one female survived the procession from Saxonia to Berlin. But it is still full of the joys of life and certainly pregnant. This two will become the ancestors of my light blue strain in future. A yellow snakeskin shorttail ( outcrossed from Hans Classen*s strain) and the light blue snake female from H. Grossmann.

so on I will move

bye tobi


Andrei hat gesagt…

Hi, congrats for the son and for this great guppy blog, I have just bookmarked it! I'll visit it on a regular basis.

Chris Noto hat gesagt…

Hi, Tobi! I'm interested by the peek into your fishroom, and your comment about your "light blue strain in future". I'd be interested to read about how many tanks you keep, their size, and your techniques/practices.

Another thought comes from your apparent fluency in guppy genetics, and I'm wondering if there are any reference sources, in English language, that you would recommend.

Thanks for the energy you put into your fish, and into your blog!

All the best,
Chris Noto

tobi hat gesagt…

Hi Chris,

I will show my technics/practices in the next following posts.

Hm, the genetical references in English...thats very difficult. Because I know only the translated version of Philip Shaddock "Guppy Designer". But there are some big mistakes in his scipt, developed from deliberated renarration.

I will looking for good literature in english and additional I will show on my blog some books out of my cupboard.

cheers tobi