Montag, 19. Mai 2008

Elongated Leopards

Hi guys,

some of my Leopard-Guppys carrys autosomal dominant "Elongated" Gene ( cf. Yoshiki Tsutsui) similar (same as) to some speartails. Homozygous males are unfertile look at the gonopodium:

Happily I got enough "non elongated Leopards" ; o )

bye tobi

Albino Youth


additional to my guppystrains, I am working with some Xiphophorus maculatus.
Here is a picture of a orange albino youngster. It is a long way to get Fullred-Corals!


Ga(laxy)-Ma(genta) Guppy


Claus Osche created a very nice new Shorttail. Called "Ga-Ma-Guppy"!

You can have a look here:

bye tobi

Magenta Red Mosaik Metalhead (+ Stoerzbach?)


this fish were shown at the DGF Show in Berlin. Bred by Andrzej from Poland.

cheers tobi