Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010

Light Blue Top Sword


I got some Light Blue Top Sword Endler.
Sometimes they have black ventrals, when they are teasing their females.

cheers tobi

Dienstag, 28. September 2010

Endler Japan Blue


now I can proudly present Japan Blue Endler Hybrids:

Setting (12L tank):

some Japan Blue Endler Hybrids:

Notice the "broken" Japan Blue pattern at the last picture. You can see the Endlerpattern under the Japan Blue.

We have got this strain from Marcus (Stuttgart) - it is now breeding by Manfred Kugel and Claus Osche. By the way - it is JB X-Linked *yeeaaha!*

cheers tobi

Montag, 30. August 2010

Oropuche Guppy Locustypus


I got 2,2 Poecilia obscura from M.K.Meyer,one of the descriptors from this new species. Here are two pics from these lovely fellows:

Male 1:

Male 2:

cheers tobi

Samstag, 21. August 2010



I got some nice Galaxy Shortys from my friend Heiko!

Unbelieveable great fish!

cheers tobi

Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

Xipho Breeding ´Page


Günther Schramm a very good Xipho-Breeder started a new and very hot Homepage about Swordtails and Platyfish:

Photo was taken by G. Schramm found at:

Please look for yourself at:

cheers tobi

Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Poecilia obscura


I got some Poecilia obscura ... the third "guppy-species".

Description of Poecilia (Acanthophacelus) obscura

P.obscura from Oropuche river (N 10° 43.052’; W 61° 8.871’)
teasing a female:

P.obscura from Matura River tributary (N 10°. 40.523': W 61° 4.407'). 1 km north of road from Sangre Grande to Matura.

cheers tobi

Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010

...Moscow Halftuxedo


Young Santa Maria Mosaic

Young Santa Maria Blue Mosaic

Redchest Mosaic

Galaxy Leopard Shortie

and last but not least Moscow Halftuxedo. Very nice - or not?

cheers tobi

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Hurray it is may!


somebody asked me what sized guppy-tanks I am using.

My racks took tanks between 12 L and 40 L. In the past I used alot of 12L tanks (30cm x 20cm x20 cm)nowadays there are a lot of 36L tanks inside my racks.

Metarika topsword breeder:

A young Red Chest Mosaic . It is a Hybrid between a Redchest Endler with Red Mosaic.

Found between feederfish in a petshop:

It is an Asian Blue Endlerhybrid with nice Pintail Caudal. Doubleswords with bad spread like Endlers & Platinums often produce such Spear- or Pintails in combination with simple shorttail females.

enjoy the day


Dienstag, 20. April 2010

Santa Maria & GlassLace


this is a Blue Glass Lace (Y-Lace, X-Blue Glass):

and this a Santa Maria Red Doublesword (Y-Santa Maria, X-Full Red Doublesword)

cheers tobi

Mittwoch, 3. März 2010

some tops


just two pics:

My Metarika Topsswords. They are quite young...but I think colorful enough to be shown.

My old vienna topsword breedermale I love its sparkling green lace pattern!

cheers tobi

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Real Red Eyed Xiphophorus to compare


clear red eyes from my female full red albino Xiphophorus maculatus (The male is blackeyed.)


Wine Red Eyed Xiphophorus


I am breeding some Real Red Eyed "Xiphophorus maculatus" for the last three years. Real albinos with cherry-red eyes.

But now I get some brandhot new Wine Red Eyed "Xiphophorus maculatus". First I couldn*t believe that! But now I am sure. They have sparkling ruby eyes.
Their black pigment isn*t full reduced, it is just light brown.
My Albino Maculatus cannot show any brown or black coloration!

Thumbs up and keep update:


Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010



now I show a lot of my Guppy and Livebearer Books:

Left: This is the chinese Version of the japanese Guppy Basebook Vol.1
Right: This is an old german book called: "Guppys" from Hans Luckmann.

This is the holy Guppy Basebook Vol.2 from Japan.

Left & below : This is a very old book from Kurt Jacobs "Die lebendgebärenden Fische der Süßgewässer"
Right: Helmut Stallknecht was an excellent breeder of many ornamental fish! This is the old edition of his book about Livebearers included highbreeds. Its called "Lebendgebärende Zahnkarpfen".

first page of Kurt Jacobs "Die lebendgebärenden Fische der Süßgewässer"

This is the japanese "Best of Tsutsui" Y. Tsutsui wrote a lot of articles. After his death the most of his artciles were collected in this amazing book.
Sadly he is dead!

The big atlas of all Livebaerers included some breedingforms: "Lebendgebärende Zierfische - Arten der Welt" from Meyer, Wischnath, Förster. A great book!

This is Noboru Iwasakis first book about guppies. Translated in english and printed by TFH. Good Work!

This are both parts of Kurt Jacobs "Vom Guppy dem Millionenfisch" a very rare german Book! A must have for a good book collection about guppys!

left: A new french book from R. Boutot called. "Guppy passion"
right: and an old book about wildtype livebaerers from Dzwillo called "Lebendgebärende Zahnkarpfen"

left: "Guppys" from Harro Hieronimus
right: the german translation from "all about guppies" from Hähnel. "Alles über Guppys" from Paul Hähnel and Leon F. Whitney

left: Manfred Brembach wrote "Lebendgebärende Fische im Aquarium" and "Guppies" by Schneider. both are small booklets...

left: this is the new japanese guppy book wrote by Iwasaki
right: this is the third edition of "Praxis der Guppyzucht" written by H. Schillat and Günther Lange. The third edition of this small booklet maintains a lot of japanese pictures. the first edition has got a green cover. it is very rare.

left: this is "Guppy, Platy, Schwertträger und Molly, Zuchtformen der Lebendgebärenden" written by Bernhard Teichfischer. A reliable book about breeding-types of Xiphophorus, Mollinesia and Guppy. It is a must have!
right: this book is about livebearers and their biology. Written by Katrin Plöger-Brembach and called: "Lebendgebärende".

left: M. Kempkes wrote "Der Guppy" a well known book. Good for beginners.
right: "Guppy" is a very nice japanese book. It from Tropical Fish Collection / Pisces...wrote by many famous breeders like Tsutsui, Koboyashi, Uchiyama et al.
So I guess the japanese kanji.

left: One edition of G. Petzold "Der Guppy"...this is the german standard reference about guppys and their biology.
right: the other standard reference is J.H. Schröder "Vererbungslehre für Aquarianer". This is a must have for all genetically intrested people.

Surely I forgot some books about guppys and livebearers...