Donnerstag, 25. September 2008

the long way to metal lace topswords


topswords are my passion. And ... yes there are secret strains...anywhere!

Just have a look:

...waiting for the next generation...


Redchested Tuxedos!


these guys I got back from Horst! He crossed one Redchest male with his Pingu Bottomsword female:

Nice to see the effect of redchest & yellow tuxedo. There are no red color in the caudal fin...just yellow&white. Perhaps this will be another way to get a third color into HB Yellow/ HB Whites to pimp this varietys up.


Samstag, 20. September 2008

green ark


I have got three planted tanks with 12 liter content. These tanks act as genetical ark for some rare guppy varietys.

In this first swims a shoal light blues. the background you can see a young light blue male.

The second tank contents my strain "wine red eyed" Endlers (Lutino Endlers). Some of them carries the magenta gen

Lutino Endler= Wine Red Eyed Endler

Lutino Endler with Magenta Gen

This tanks are low tech tanks. Only an aeration and a good fluorescent tube are attached. Once a week I change half of the water and everything is alright.

In the third one, I keep another uncommon guppystrain.

This strain was started by a red male with blond (aka golden) bodycolor bought in a petshop and a HS red (aka HB red) female from Claus Osche. The female has got the double recessive body colour White. It includes the both recessive bodycolours: blond (aka golden) and the old blue (blue1 = rr) . This blue1 ist not very common in germany just as well the white variety. Last week I got a litter of this white female:

Here the happy parents ;)

All these variatys I will breed in a shoal, like wild guppys.

cheerio tobi

Montag, 15. September 2008



here are three of my redchest breeders. The next generation with some more golden ones will be born, when females are a little bit bigger.

The Leopards got a great caudal spread, I like them very much!

Here you can see the cage of these dangerous Leopards.

Yes, and this is their trainer: it is me -> tobi

cheers tobi

Sonntag, 14. September 2008

golden red bellys

Hi folks,

just enjoy:

cheers tobi

redchest mosaics


I tried to combine the Redcest-Gene with red Mosaics:

The youngsters have not a good delta-tail shape, but nice red chests. I am looking forward to the finshape of their blue mosaic (r²R²) brothers.
stay tuned

Redchest heterozygote Asian Blue


here you can see a Hybrid between a Blue Mosaic (r²R²) Female and a Redchest male.

cheers tobi