Mittwoch, 5. März 2014

More than MBAG


Moscow Blue Deltas  have got two major traits.

the blue Moscow Metal  Head and an additional Trait, which makes in addition with this Moscow Metal Head a whole blue fish. For itself  this trait colors the peduncle  and often also the caudalfin blueish dark.
Cause it is the traits , which makes in addition with the metalhead the Moscow Blue, wie call it M(moscow)B(lue)A(dditional)G(ene) (or in german MoskauBlauErgänzungsGen= MBEG).
In Modern Moscow Blues both traits can be on Y or/and on X....this depend on the strain.
Traditional it was Moscow Metalhead = Y and MBAG = X.

these DS I have showing clearly the Moscow Head and the dark peduncle+swords and also some grey/white markings at the fins...maybe from another fincolor-trait( maybe additional an DS trait).

here you can see one male in teasing action with the typical moscow blue shining in head-region.

cheers tobi

Dienstag, 4. März 2014

Moscow Blue Doublesword


here you can see Moscow Blue Doubleswords (and some other mixed fish). They need a lot of breeding work, but their potential is amazing!

cya  tobi

Samstag, 1. März 2014

Flamenco Dancer


Flamenco Dancers are legendary but not very common in the german Guppyscene. Many other Magenta Phänotypes are called "Flamenco Dancer" too, but they arent.

FDs are a combination of Moscow(Y), Snakeskin(X) and Magenta (and sometimes Störzbach Metall).

Last week I found one FD. It looks like the first FDs, which comes from Tomoko Young (Honolulu US State Hawaii) to Germany around 2004.
Tim Uwe Jandeck bred them first. Ramona and Claus Osche got some stock from Tim Uwe and detected the genetically combination by testcrossing.

T.U. Jandecks Homepage Web-Archiv

My FD in normal mood - looking like an usual Magenta Metalhead (Y liked Moscow and Snakeskin)

 when teasing his female it got a dark velvet coloration, you see at the pic below. So the coloration changes by light (the angle of entry) and(!) the mood of the fish. So this is a very vivid colortype of guppy.

thanxs for reading :)


Lazuli Halftuxedo Saddleback


this specimen I got from Robert Gall. It is a Lazuli  Saddleback Halftuxedo with heterozygote basecolor Asia Blue.

Asia Blue did not "cheat" the Yellow Pigment of the Halftuxedo pattern.

nice to know ;)

cheers tobi