Freitag, 26. Dezember 2008



here are two Hybrids with Black Bar Endler:

This fish carrys the MBAG ( Moscow Blue Additional Gen). MBAG creates the blue rump of the Moscow Blues. Sometimes it gets very dark, nearly black, so it ist often mixed up with Ni² (aka Tuxedo, Halfblack or HB). But everyone can differate both Genes. Tuxedo is not according to mood of the fish. If MBAGs are afraid they turns pale, the MBAG getting smoky.
Tuxedo is linked with a caudal pigmentation, such as Red, White, Pastell, Yellow.
Only HB Blacks and HB Blues are similar to MBAG.
But HB Blacks are not blueish and never pale when frightend. HB Blues have got the dark rump before they are adult. Already one day old HB fish shows the black of Tuxedo (Ni²) , MBAG appears only with the sexual maturity of the males.
MBAG females getting only smoky but never black at their body in old age.

A nearly roundtailed this Snakeskin Lace Black Bar Endler...nice!

cheers tobi

feeder fish


sometimes I am searching feeder fish for my "Channa pulchra" in some local petshops.

Some of these fish are quite nice to show some genetics to other guppy-maniacs and some has got the possibility to start a new breeding strain for our pretty hobby.

Here are the "Feeders of the Week":

Some nice AOC Topswords with mellow tints...

"Channa pulchra"

cheers tobi

Redchest Magenta

Hi folks,

I have crossed a Redchest with some Magenta Endler females.
Now I am presenting two brothers of their offspring:

One "Redchest" and one "Redchest Magenta":

cheers tobi

Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008

rare fish


a few weeks ago I were in southern Germany for visiting a good friend, Rolf Landvogt.
He (and his family) carry on a trade with ornamental fish, especially guppys.

I was allowed to collect some fish out of his tanks - I chose this two:

I guess its a golden (aka blond) Japan Blue Doublesword with Platinum. Here in Germany ,Platinum & Japan Blue are usually y-linked. So we couldn*t combine both.

The other fish is this nice Platinum Lutino Lyretail. Please notice the ruby iridescent eye colour and compare with the golden Japan Blue DS above
cheers tobi