Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008

rare fish


a few weeks ago I were in southern Germany for visiting a good friend, Rolf Landvogt.
He (and his family) carry on a trade with ornamental fish, especially guppys.

I was allowed to collect some fish out of his tanks - I chose this two:

I guess its a golden (aka blond) Japan Blue Doublesword with Platinum. Here in Germany ,Platinum & Japan Blue are usually y-linked. So we couldn*t combine both.

The other fish is this nice Platinum Lutino Lyretail. Please notice the ruby iridescent eye colour and compare with the golden Japan Blue DS above
cheers tobi


仕轩 hat gesagt…

Hi Tobi,

Nice blond platinum japan blue doublesword you have collected. I have seen X-linked platinum before but there are also X-linked japan blue too! So maybe you can try to see which trait is X-linked. The platinum lyretail seems to have bent spines but I also see a different coloration in this fish from other platinum swords. I understand that colors can be affected by body base colors but platinum on eg. blond/gold will still show colors quite identical to platinums on grey.

Shi Xuan

tobi hat gesagt…

Hi Shi Xuan,

the platinum lyre is not buckled, maybe it seems so at these pictures.

I don*t understand which kind of different coloration do you mean.
Please explain the difference more precisely for me.

thank you Shi Xuan!

cheers tobi

仕轩 hat gesagt…

Hi tobi,

Gernot's platinum swords are the best example. That's what I mean.

Shi Xuan