Donnerstag, 22. November 2007

Mannheim 2007

Last summer I shot this little guppy in Mannheim. It is a "magenta half lace snake skin" guppy, bred by Jinan El-Hakim from Stuttgart.
You can see a light violet shining above the snake skin pattern, that is Magenta.

bye tobi

Magenta Neon Tuxedo

hot or not?

cheers tobi

Dienstag, 13. November 2007

Japan Blue - Red Topsword ( X-Linked)


in the zoomed part of the pic you can see the peduncle of one breeder female, with a reddish angle in her caudal fin. Clearly X-linked :)


Y-linked Topsword


here are my favorite y-linked topsword guys:

one of them zoomed:

The strain was created by one single topsword male and one japan blue wild female.

The topsword-Genes are certainly y-linked, the greenish snake skin pattern on the peduncle is x-linked. Here you can look closer:

In the last litter I found that female:

I was very amazed. Perhaps this little spot in her caudal notices crossed topsword genes(from Y to X). On the other hand it could be possible that this female is homozygote for the snake skin pattern. Both would be great!

Last week she dropped out enough fry for raising up.

stay tuned


Montag, 5. November 2007


The following guppy-pictures were taken by my new “Fuji Finepix S8000 fd”.
It was my first exercise with this camera.

Here is a hybrid between a female Magenta and a Galaxy Roundtail. I’ll not breed with this male, but I show it to you before it became a feeder-fish..
Above you can see a young Yellow Snakeskin. It was raised by Thomas Kersten .
Thomas is a specialized Snakeskin-Deltatail Breeder from northern Germany/ Hamburg.
Thanks Thomas! Your fish are quite nice and still healthy.

This is a young Saddleback Leopard. I don’t like it very much, but for me it was good to know what these cross looks like.

That ‘s a Snakeskin Saddleback, its my favourite Saddleback Shorttail Strain.
It was developed of Hans Claßens yellow Snakeskin Roundtails and one of my Saddleback females.

This is my red bellied topsword breeder male. I’ll try to fix the red belly in one of my topsword-strains and I am very hopeful to identify the gene of this red belly. The F1 is now growing up.

Here the F3 of my multicoloured Saddleback-Flagtail-Strain.
It was developed out of an old GDR Fantail Strain and a red bellied Saddleback male. You can see it below. I try to fix the red belly in this strain, too. But it seems to be difficult, there is some strange co-dominance with the saddleback pattern.

Greets tobi