Samstag, 23. November 2013

Gold Nugget


this is a blond (aka. gold in US) Störzbach Metall (autosomal) halfblack Yellow (X) Platinum Metall (Y) found in petshop last month. Called "Full gold"

svenska ljusblå blixt


here are some pics of a light blue basecolored Japan Blue bred by Björn Lundmark in Sweden.
I will use them to tinker topswords with the light blue basecolour.

For my conception this basecolor is a "dilution" of the wildtype grey, but without any effect to black or blue colour cells.

So have a look:

in comparsion to a wildgrey female

Red Topswords


this is my last x-linked topsword on Y chromosome it has the "Iridescense Trait"(compare with the scientific paper of O. Winge)  of my Vienna Emerald like topswords. There is still alot of work in this strain...

cheers tobi

turquoise gift

Hi folks

last week I get this male as a gift from my friend Claus Osche. He breeds several lines of HB White Deltas.
One line he got from another breeder, which name I does not know, it throws some non halfblack fish. Females and Males. One of the males I got.

Interesting is:

#1 : that these fish looking in shape similar to old japanese lowersword strains, which where used to create "old fashion mosaic" Deltatails.
#2:  that these fish seems to have no influence about the clean-color of the HB Whites in this strain. No colour errors appear in this HB White strain.
#3: these fish are obviously grey basecolored but they are showing only light blue/ turquoise pattern. On the first view they are similar to basecolor light blue.

I will work with this male...maybe there is a new mutation...

Now look at the pics:


Freitag, 15. November 2013

Evelynae & Molly Mix

Xiphophorus evelynae

Molly Mix


Basecolor Blond (aka. Gold in US)

Basecolor Gold (aka. Bronce in US or Tiger in Asia)
doublerecessive Basecolor Gold&Blond = Creme



I got the original Maculatus Strain  with blond Bodybasecolor Mutation. Now I can check every female about its traits.
When I mate a male from this strain, I only need to deduct the Maculatus Traits to know what the female has transmitted to its offspring males.