Samstag, 23. November 2013

turquoise gift

Hi folks

last week I get this male as a gift from my friend Claus Osche. He breeds several lines of HB White Deltas.
One line he got from another breeder, which name I does not know, it throws some non halfblack fish. Females and Males. One of the males I got.

Interesting is:

#1 : that these fish looking in shape similar to old japanese lowersword strains, which where used to create "old fashion mosaic" Deltatails.
#2:  that these fish seems to have no influence about the clean-color of the HB Whites in this strain. No colour errors appear in this HB White strain.
#3: these fish are obviously grey basecolored but they are showing only light blue/ turquoise pattern. On the first view they are similar to basecolor light blue.

I will work with this male...maybe there is a new mutation...

Now look at the pics:


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