Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2008

Lace Metalhead Tiger


this nice Lace Metalhead Tiger (aka. gold/bronce) I got from Ronny Mozek (Luxembourg) :

I will breed some Tiger - Leopards in future...

This tiger is biting - be careful!




here are two Lutino Endlers (wine red eyed):

and their silbling a Lutino Magenta Endler:

This Wildstrain I got last week. I like the leopard-pattern in the dorsalfin very much:

Here you can see a golden (aka. tiger/bronce) japan blue wildtype:

Although I am breeding showguppies, these wildtypes are a big pleasure of mine!

greetz Tobi

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2008



yesterday I took this pics in Osches Guppyroom:

Red Tuxedo Magenta Delta

Pink Flamenco Dancer

Albino Red Deltas

Albino HB American Pink White Delta

Albino HB White Delta Female


Montag, 4. Februar 2008

Vienna Bottomswords


from Fred I got these Vienna Bottomswords. This strain was bred by Ramona Osche, before she was quiting guppy breeding.

I will mate these Vienna males with a Mosaic female to geht some "Oldfashion Mosaic Deltas".


fathers son


here you can see one of the redbellied youngstars:

enjoy it!


Freitag, 1. Februar 2008

Topsword JB


here is one of my young Japan blue Topsword males. The sword grows very slowly. I hope the dorsal-finnaged will get better in the next generation:

cheers tobi

Japan Blue Tiger


last year I got a pair Japan Blue Wild ( basecolored bronce - aka. tiger aka. gold) from Eddy Vanvoorden, a belgian Guppybreeder who created a strain bronce Japan Blue Doublesword.
Among the first offspring of this couple I found this nice fish. A original belgian " Dubbelzwaard Gold Japan-blauw Rood" :o)

A very cute fish, but I cannot take another strain, too. I needed only the basecolor for some tests.

bye tobi

Magenta Tuxedo made by Claus Osche


Claus also bred some Magenta Tuxedos. His Tuxedostrain is heterozygot to albino and much better finned. I got this little fish for taking some pics. That youngster will become a great Delta-Guppy, or?