Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009

Oldfashion Mosaics


here you can see the last of mine Oldfashion Mosaics (bred by a Vienna Bottomsword male & Red Mosaic female). This strain got C. Osche because I have enough to do by breeding all my other strains. I will add some pictures of their sons, soon.





I got this male to take a picture. It s a Vienna Doublesword male without swords.
This fish seems to be one more clue, that there are sword-modification-genes like surpressor genes involved in the Vienna-Sword System ( Bottom,Top & Doublewords). Please notice the sword rudiment in the caudal fin.

keep on reticulata friends!


Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009

Roberts Pics

Hi guys,

a few weeks ago Robert Gall was here in my guppyroom. He took some platy pictures with his new camera here - very nice shoots!

Marygold Hifin Maculatus

Hawaii Hifin Variatus

Albino Red Maculatus

Some of Roberts Guppys you can see here:
and here:

Thanxs Robert!