Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

... crisscross and plumbum

Hi folks, somebody asked me, what the hell I am doing. Yes I am still reticulated :) So I took some pics of my fish & results :
Metarika (Y-Linked) and Mosaic (X-Linked) in combination.
petshopboy: light blue topsword "wingei" with black dorsal fin! Gorgeous trait to combine it with my topswords! I will cross it into one of my line, to introduce this trait!
Also found in petshop...a very nice fancystrain..with yello dorsal fin and hyalin caudal fin. Big black markings...similar to Santa Maria - but different! Will take a cross to my topsswords, too.
Done by myself: Redchest Magenta Shortail...awefull red!
Got 15 males of a batch from an Metalhead Snakeskin Spadetail from Marcel. If they are afraid they looks like copper...if in sunny turns to plumbum. Cannot say what it is...or what to do with these guys. cheers tobi

Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Hi, sometimes I have to seperate single females, breeding pairs or small litters of my fish. For this I am using such 4 Litre Boxes, which are placed in my little rack you can see at the pictures. I installed such LED -lights to let the water-fern and mooses grow/survive. And below the rack I attached some rolls to make it movable. So have a look now:
cheers tobi

Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Hi, last weekend I visited a young guppy-breeding newcomer. Rocco (also known as "corthax") from Dresden. We talked a lot and visited the IGMX European Masters Competition...I also took a few pics in his Guppyroom:
virgins of Roundtail Moscow Lace females
Hybrids between Tobago Speyside Wildtype Guppys and Snakeskin Topsword females
Hybrids between Tobago Speyside Wildtype Guppys and Snakeskin Topsword females
the gorgeous snakeskin Topsword Strain from Austria...which where developed out of Alan Charltons Stock!
Fine Topsswords - I was really happy to see such beautiful fish there!
Heterandria formosa male
Heterandria formosa female (the golden mutation)
the masterbreeder himself
Breedingtank of the Original Tobago Speyside Wildtype Reticulata I would like to say: "Thank you Rocco for your hospitality and the tastefull saxonian beer! Also for the nice discussion about guppys/fish, guppy-genetics and botany" cheers tobi

Montag, 9. April 2012

peacock changes into meander pattern


I also took this male:

to the same females... and I got 100% of these:

crossing Orangeline


I took a male of these Poecilia reticulata "Orangeline /El Salto" :

to make a cross with a female of my Japan Blue Topsword strain:

the first two young males are colouring up now:

cheers tobi

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

Event 2012

Hello folks,

want to show you this nice piece of art from Ramona Osche:

cheers tobi

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

some thing


want to show some fish right now:

x-linked red Topsword combined with Snakeskin Y topsword one with basecolor Bronce (aka : Gold/Tiger)

Blackbar Hybrid from petshop...irregular fin-extension looks like a topsword.

Neon Mosaic (Coral Red Doubleswords = Neon Doppelschwerter)

Wildtype from Suriname...