Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

... crisscross and plumbum

Hi folks, somebody asked me, what the hell I am doing. Yes I am still reticulated :) So I took some pics of my fish & results :
Metarika (Y-Linked) and Mosaic (X-Linked) in combination.
petshopboy: light blue topsword "wingei" with black dorsal fin! Gorgeous trait to combine it with my topswords! I will cross it into one of my line, to introduce this trait!
Also found in petshop...a very nice fancystrain..with yello dorsal fin and hyalin caudal fin. Big black markings...similar to Santa Maria - but different! Will take a cross to my topsswords, too.
Done by myself: Redchest Magenta Shortail...awefull red!
Got 15 males of a batch from an Metalhead Snakeskin Spadetail from Marcel. If they are afraid they looks like copper...if in sunny turns to plumbum. Cannot say what it is...or what to do with these guys. cheers tobi

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