Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Lazuli & other Baits 2.0

well round 2 with Lazuli & other baits
Wildguppy Aripo River Hybrids (looking like Lazuli!!!)

Wildguppy Aripo River Hybrids (looking like Lazuli!!!) Mother was a Topsswordfemale.

Wildguppy Aripo River Hybrids (looking like Lazuli!!!) The  red shorttail is also a Ariporiver Hybrid, please compare with a real Lazuli below!

Wildguppy Aripo River Hybrids (looking like Lazuli!!!)

One of my AOC (Vienna Emerald Like) Topsswords and one which I got from Katja Tyka (the red one)

my AOC (Vienna Emerald Like) Topssword born around X-Mas
Lazuli Red Shorttail with Asian Blue Cheat, and his red Brother, you can see below

Lazuli Red Shorttail I got from Robert Gall, please compare it with the Aripo River Hybrid!
Lazuli  has got a oval shaped pattern, the Aripos shows more a Blue Line, also te Lazuli is stonger Blue  like Japan Blue. Aripo Blue disappaer when the fish moves in shade!

Lazuli and some other Baits

ooups, it is is long tme ago, I updated this blog. But now I will blow up some pics (maybe also your mind) and hope everything is fine out there :)

Poecila obscura *typuslocation*
Poecila obscura *typuslocation*
Magenta Topsword
Blond Neon Topssword (modified Doubesword!)
I mate this Neon Topssword with one of my Topssword females, here you can see  the F1 offspring...
Neon...with Doublesword Genetics
outcross with some feederfish I found in petshop month ago
X Moscow -redtail and Y Lazuli  !!! These guys can turn nearly black like moscow blues...but there s still a Lazuli Shining at their gill cover.
Photosetting today, I tried my Fujifinepix not my Canon...
to get the males closer...I used an attractive bait  :) and it worked well