Mittwoch, 22. August 2007



what a lovely shining on my Pink Ladys:

Here are three Pink Platinum Bottomswords, too.

cheers tobi

pink ponk


thats a Platinum Pingu Bottomsword with "Störzbach Metall".

Thats a Platinum Bottomsword without Ni².

Thats a Pingu female with "Störzbach metall". It has got a nice shining over the peduncle.

all they can eat - best u can feed


look at these two:

The big one is nearly five weeks old, the little one is his two days aged sibling.

They get all they can eat and best I can feed! ;-)

cheers tobi

Dienstag, 21. August 2007

old stuff

Heyho Guys and Girls!

Here is some old stuff out of my room:

Asian Blue ( R²r²) Topsword Male with a nice green shining over his body. Very cute!

A Halftuxedo Pintail - he had an accident. I was distraught!

A Platinum Flagtail, a very old guy - still alive!

A pair Platinum Pingu Bottomswords created by Ramona Osche. Thanks for this nice strain!

A young Topsword, it looks like a Vienna Emerald Topsword.

A red-chested Saddleback, very colorfull!

A x-linked Red Topsword. Found in the tanks of my university.

have a nice day



Hello Guppymaniacs!

This blogg provides an insight into some nice guppyrooms in Berlin/Germany!

Look at this:

It is a combination of the x-linked Red-Topschword (without any dorsal pigment) and y-linked Metarika from Asia.

And now enjoy the action of this young Platinum Halftuxedo
(aka Platinum Saddleback)

So, stay tuned!