Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013



here you can see a F1 goldmarbled male which is trying to mate with a wildtype Poecilia gillii female:
The male is father of the marbled male from the last posting.

cheers tobi

Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013



long time ago I startet with some Poecilia gillii and some fancy Gold Dust Mollys an experiment.
Gold Dust Male x Gillii Female

F1 Generation:
Basecolored wildgrey and gold(!)  Marbled

Crossing between two  F1 Golds(virgin female!)

Basecolored wildgrey and gold(!) Marbled

Below you can see one F1 Male grey Marbled with red finnage and gold dust Breast:

And additionally a look to one of my Metarika Tops, with nice peacock ornament and gorgeous green peduncle.

so have fun


Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013



at the Vienna European Master Championship I got this year a very rare and nice topswords strain.

It was created by Dr. W. Schuster. he introduced Bronce and Albino to his Snakeskin Topsword Strain and worked out these "Blackheaded Trait" you can see at the pics.

I got 2 pairs of these strain.
1,1 = grey
1,0 = golden (aka bronce)
0,1 = creme which means doubl. recessive gold&blond (aka. bronce&gold or tiger&gold)

In tank#1 living also some Shrimps, a few Ramshornsnails (pink and red) and Hygrophila polysperma *rosanervis* is crowding at the surface, maybe it will get a pot in future.

So now have a look:

cheers tobi

racks and rockets

Hej folks,

in January I moved into a new flat and built a second new rack of wood by myself.Now I have to manage one aluminium rack with 16 tanks about 25L (ca. 7 gallons) and one wooden rack with 16 tanks about 54L (ca. 14 gallons).
In the last month I decided to quit the most of my testcrossings and cover pattern projects for intensifiying my concentration about my lovely topswords.
Now I still raise up my Vienna Emerald Like AOC Strain, these nice Metarika, awful amazing Austrian Snakeskin Topswords and a few rare Basecolors and maybe one or two Wildtypes.
What excatly you will find out in the following weeks :)

Here is my new rack  in my

cheers tobi