Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013

racks and rockets

Hej folks,

in January I moved into a new flat and built a second new rack of wood by myself.Now I have to manage one aluminium rack with 16 tanks about 25L (ca. 7 gallons) and one wooden rack with 16 tanks about 54L (ca. 14 gallons).
In the last month I decided to quit the most of my testcrossings and cover pattern projects for intensifiying my concentration about my lovely topswords.
Now I still raise up my Vienna Emerald Like AOC Strain, these nice Metarika, awful amazing Austrian Snakeskin Topswords and a few rare Basecolors and maybe one or two Wildtypes.
What excatly you will find out in the following weeks :)

Here is my new rack  in my

cheers tobi

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