Montag, 30. Juni 2008

Albino Multi Topsword


hot or not? I like it very much ... the coloration reminds me of candy and lolly.

cheerio tobi

Magenta Vienna Emeralds


I crossed my Vienna Emerald Maless with one Magenta Female. I wanted to see the interaction between the vienna pattern and magenta on the one hand and I wanted to know, if the growth of swords is possible on the other hand. I got to types of fish, a pale (pink) and one ruddier (orange).

Here is the offspring:

greets tobi



this are some brothers of the "needle-tailed" guy some postings below:

Only one of them got something to do :o)

Just working:

bye tobi

Bodycolor White (r1r1bb)


very red halfblack reds with white bodycolor, which includes european blue (aka blue 1) and blond (aka. golden):

Found here :

You can see the lucky breeder C. Osche at work.

cheers tobi

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2008

seems like needle tail


this fish appears in a batch of a shorttail backcross. I think, that it isnt a real needletail, but just an irregular finray growth.



View from top - seems like art!



Lutinos Fry


the Breeding Trio Lutino Galaxy from Asia dropped only once! Now you can see the youngsters:

A lot of them are infertile cause of thier "elongated" gonopodium.

But some "non elongated" raising up, too. The eye colour ranges from wine red till black from moment to moment.

cheers tobi

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008

Moscow AOC & Snake Skins


this Moscow AOC was shown in Berlin at the DGF Competition:

also I have seen these Snakes from G. Kosnowski:

greets tobi

master of aspidoras

Hello friends,

a few weeks ago I visited Maik. He has got a near-completed Aspidoras-Collection.
You can look at his homepage at
Here is one of his young Aspidoras. I cannot remember the species - sorry Maik!

But also breeds some good guppys. He has got a American Pink White (APW) strain heterozygot Stoerzbach-Metall, some Flamenco Dancer, a strain Wildguppys from Venezuela and some more.
Here are some nice APW Yongsters on a bad picture made by me:

Here you can see his arrangement and himself.

His guppys and his aspidoras breed together in the tanks.

He has got also a showtank with Rainbowfishes, Angelfish and golden Panchax.


cheers tobi