Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008

master of aspidoras

Hello friends,

a few weeks ago I visited Maik. He has got a near-completed Aspidoras-Collection.
You can look at his homepage at
Here is one of his young Aspidoras. I cannot remember the species - sorry Maik!

But also breeds some good guppys. He has got a American Pink White (APW) strain heterozygot Stoerzbach-Metall, some Flamenco Dancer, a strain Wildguppys from Venezuela and some more.
Here are some nice APW Yongsters on a bad picture made by me:

Here you can see his arrangement and himself.

His guppys and his aspidoras breed together in the tanks.

He has got also a showtank with Rainbowfishes, Angelfish and golden Panchax.


cheers tobi


Maik - Arlt - Verlag hat gesagt…

Aspidoras "C118"

Maik - Arlt - Verlag hat gesagt…

Aspidoras "C118"