Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Lazuli and some other Baits

ooups, it is is long tme ago, I updated this blog. But now I will blow up some pics (maybe also your mind) and hope everything is fine out there :)

Poecila obscura *typuslocation*
Poecila obscura *typuslocation*
Magenta Topsword
Blond Neon Topssword (modified Doubesword!)
I mate this Neon Topssword with one of my Topssword females, here you can see  the F1 offspring...
Neon...with Doublesword Genetics
outcross with some feederfish I found in petshop month ago
X Moscow -redtail and Y Lazuli  !!! These guys can turn nearly black like moscow blues...but there s still a Lazuli Shining at their gill cover.
Photosetting today, I tried my Fujifinepix not my Canon...
to get the males closer...I used an attractive bait  :) and it worked well

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