Dienstag, 25. November 2008

Guppy-Room from Manne

Recently, I was the first time in Mannes Guppy-Room. His favorite is the golden Full Red Delta Guppy. He breeds them in several lines to get high quality showfish. Here is one of his promising youngsters:

One of his outcross throws some basecolored white fry. Here you can compare a golden (aka blond) and a white babyguppy.

Enjoy Mannes red deltas:

But he has got also a foible for Moscow Blues. At my visit there where a lot of young and very young Moscows in his tanks. Here are some pics from the oldest litter:

In one of his upper tanks I found these three golden HB Red Deltas:


Father & Son :

Here a photo of Manne and me in front of his tanks:

cheers tobi

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