Donnerstag, 25. September 2008

the long way to metal lace topswords


topswords are my passion. And ... yes there are secret strains...anywhere!

Just have a look:

...waiting for the next generation...



仕轩 hat gesagt…

Hi tobi,

können sie mehr über dieses Metallspitze obtenschwart erklären? Es scheint, dass dieser mann einen sehr starken einfluss des Kal gene hat, ein wenig ähnlich den geissen guppies.

Shi Xuan

tobi hat gesagt…


what makes you think, that Kal gene is involved?



仕轩 hat gesagt…


Your topsword shows some small and irregular sword-like extension, quite similar to geissen guppies, probably due to the influence of the kal allele, that's why I suspect that kal allele might be involved.

Maybe you can tell more about the history of this strain.

Shi Xuan

tobi hat gesagt…


okay. There is no Kal Gene in this strain.
This two fish are a F1 cross between the x - linked red topsword and y- linked metal lace.

bye tobi

Ryan hat gesagt…

Hi tobi, i would try to answer in German but i am pretty rusty. Your fish are Fabulous and i am VERY jealous.

Are your hell blue strands available in Canada? Looking forward to your next post.



tobi hat gesagt…

Hello Ryan,

I cannot imagine that the basecolor "light blue" is common in Canada or USA.
Here in Germany this basecolor is only known by a few specialized breeders.
The IKGH disallows this third type of blue, cause of its unrenownedness.

cheers tobi