Dienstag, 20. April 2010

Santa Maria & GlassLace


this is a Blue Glass Lace (Y-Lace, X-Blue Glass):

and this a Santa Maria Red Doublesword (Y-Santa Maria, X-Full Red Doublesword)

cheers tobi


仕轩 hat gesagt…

Hi tobi,

Are they some of your latest experiments?

Shi Xuan

tobi hat gesagt…

Hi Shi Xuan,

no I found both at the DGF Competition 2010 Berlin in April.

cheers tobi

Chris Noto hat gesagt…

Tobi, thanks for posting these shots. I love the color of the Santa Maria.

tobi hat gesagt…


this Santa changes the color between dark black at his back (dorsum)if it is teasing a female and red with light ashed shadow at his back when it is scared in seconds. A very nice guppystrain!

But If have no space to breed this strain too! I am sorry for that!