Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Hurray it is may!


somebody asked me what sized guppy-tanks I am using.

My racks took tanks between 12 L and 40 L. In the past I used alot of 12L tanks (30cm x 20cm x20 cm)nowadays there are a lot of 36L tanks inside my racks.

Metarika topsword breeder:

A young Red Chest Mosaic . It is a Hybrid between a Redchest Endler with Red Mosaic.

Found between feederfish in a petshop:

It is an Asian Blue Endlerhybrid with nice Pintail Caudal. Doubleswords with bad spread like Endlers & Platinums often produce such Spear- or Pintails in combination with simple shorttail females.

enjoy the day


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