Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2008

Hans Grossmann


in Juni I visited the famous guppybreeder Hans Grossmann in Saxonia. He breeds Snakes of the very rare third blue variety!

This body-base-color ist called "hell blau" (engl.: light blue) in Germany. We changed some fish, so I got some light blue Snakes.

European Blue: rr (homozygot it is able to show red color)
Asian Blue: r²r² (heterozygot you can see the grass-effect- homozygot there ist no red and yellow)
Light blue: r³r³ (homozygot it able to show yellow color)

Sadly only one Female survived the adaptation from the soft acidic saxonian water to our hard basic water in Berlin.

I took pics of the last male together with some Tuxedos to compare the base color.

Here a homozygote light blue Snakeskin (r³r³) at the DGF Show in May, bred by H. Grossmann.

Here is his breeding-room.

Here you can see some light blue Snake Breeders:

cheers tobi


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Tobi!
My blue Snakeskins from H. Grossmann getted from the DGD Competition have also problems wih my hard Water from Stuttgart. No change for me to help them seriosly. Hope they fertilized my females.


tobi hat gesagt…


this basecolor is extremly rare, keep it save. Because only a few breeders in Germany breed this basecolor!

I will do my best to save it too!