Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009

First Vid & Punkrock


just have a look:

You can watch the vid at youtube , too!


cheers tobi


A*braham hat gesagt…

Very nice video. Congratulations for the great job. I hope you can check my blog... I'm just starting:


Greetings from México.

guelmez hat gesagt…

Like the video!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

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Sorry for offtopic

仕轩 hat gesagt…

Hi Tobi,

Did you showcase all your strains here in this pretty well done video? Its nice to see that you have several projects going on! I would like to see the outcomes in your future posts! Look forward to your reply.

Shi Xuan

tobi hat gesagt…

Hi Shi Xuan,

no you can only see a few of my strains in this video. There are a few more in my guppyroom and some experimental-crosses too... I will update my blog soon.


仕轩 hat gesagt…

Hi tobi,

Just a question to add on. What are the size ranges of your tanks?

with regards,
Shi Xuan