Montag, 30. März 2009



finished my saddleback shorttail strain!

They are always dancing the "wasp-dance" ... cute little yellow-jackets.

cheers tobi


仕轩 hat gesagt…

Hi tobi,

The color of your saddleback male resembles the bumble bee. IMO, short tails are very active even when they are old for a delta tail. From your picture, I guess your male is too happy doing the wasp dance to notice you taking a photo of it. :D

Shi Xuan

Chris Noto hat gesagt…

Beautiful little fish, Tobi! The contrasting colors are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing the results of your creativity and hard work.

Kevin M.M. van Dijk hat gesagt…

Hi Tobi,

I really like that fish!
If I lived more near you, I would go to your place to buy some of you. They are beautifull!

I'll keep watching your blogsite, I really like your creations.

Hey Tobi, Visit my site if you want: or click on my name! (you can also visit it with this link

Best regards,
Kevin van Dijk