Samstag, 1. August 2009

piebald reticulata

Hi folks,

I got this picture from Robert Gall. He experimented with some asian magenta fish and his selfbred shorties. Unexpectedly he got some of such "piebald guppys" out of his crosses.

It seems to be a partly albino, cause there are no melanophores into the white blotch of this fish!
That is really awesome, brand hot, new guppy variety!
cheers tobi


guelmez hat gesagt…

They look like Magenta with APW somehow...

Robert hat gesagt…

there is for sure no American pink white involved. The females are a very old and sligtly modified (by selctive breeding) mutlicolor strain. They pass on red and cream-coloured caudals to their sons. The males are actually Vienna Emerald and were former double swords (at least 16 generations ago). The bright caudal is a result of the interaction of VE, cream, magenta and probably some more genes.