Freitag, 4. September 2009

APW Galaxy


I got a female with x-linked APW (American Pink White) some month ago. I took it to a galaxy male and now you can see the offspring. These fish are also heterozygous with stoerzbach metall (autosomal full metall like mikarif) yes and perhaps with lightblue (hellblau aka. r³), too.

cheers tobi

gonopodial exercises - step one: Folding

nice pair


仕轩 hat gesagt…

Hi tobi,

A wonderful combination ! First of its kind! What's your objective of this strain? I see lots of possibilities with this F1. In Singapore, there's a type of full gold that comes with x-linked snakeskin trait and platinum that supposedly should have been a galaxy but probably because of a NI allele, shows somewhat of a strain that resembles an albino german yellow tuxedo selectively bred for more leucophores. Anyway, more pics to come, I look forward to visiting your blog.

Shi Xuan

tobi hat gesagt…


I was searching a additional x-linked pattern to the y-linked Galaxy in this strain. I thought that the white caudal would be very nice with the Galaxy-pattern. But now I have a new (I hope better!) idea to combine the Galaxy-Strain with.

These fotographed fish will be breed till I get a full-metal Galaxy-APW ...then I will give these strain away.

cheers tobi