Dienstag, 16. September 2014

half n year

nearly half n year ago there was my last post! sorry guys a lot of things changed in this time inna my life! New work, a lot of, and less time for Internet and Fish hobby!

Perhaps this will change some time one more...we will see!

But now I have some nice pics for you out there.

Red Mosaic Import Male from Japan! The "full japan blue" bodycolor is called "Singer". Rumors said that it is a y-linked mutation which was discoverd in an Japan Blue (aka Aquamarine) Strain in Japan. This Japan Blue strain originally comes from Singapur ("Singer" sic!) to japanese breeders.

young (just coloring) F1 Male, crossed the imported Mosaic Deltatail male to one of my Topsword females. Y-linkage (or maybe automomal dominant genetics) is confirmed!

the import female died during this jorney, but it dropped this male and three sistern in the breathing bag.
this male was located by my good friend Claus Osche in a petshop.the amazing trait in this fish is the red dorsal fin, which is combined with something like a topsword! Maybe I can use this fish to add a red dorsal fin to my other strains or  it is possible to create a red(dish) topsword out of this feeder fish. I am happy! Thanks up to the north of Berlin & Claus!

male which goes back to Alan Charlton s source. Max Kahrer(Austria) got it directly from England in the last century and breed the strain and spread it to all his club members. Michael Milde got some fish from Max and won the European Masters with this strain. After that my Buddy Markus Hackl got fish from Michael...and from him Igot some pregnant females! Top Colors, Top Pattern, Top Shape = Top Sword! Thank you Markus!

old fashion Mosaic Ivory Lutino

Same fish without Lutino   ;o)

 cheers & hope you like it


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