Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

OF Sky Blue

Hi folks,

do you remember this fish? It comes out of a Half Black White strain and was a gift oft Claus Osche to me. He spotted this odd HB White strain, probably with japanese origin, at a fish exchange market.

I crossed this lowersword with a multicolored deltatail female. Alls of his offspring became Old Fashion Multi.

Here is the in my opinion most exciting male of the F1. Interesting traits are: the yellow dorsal fin, the ability to show red und clearly a lot of green color. So this must be a type of  Vienna Emerald Lowersword, but why the hell it shows only such a turquoise pattern. Made by selection or is it a recessive trait?

So now the F1 breeder Male:

The Sky Blue Caudal fin comes from the Multistrain...which throws Mosaic like mottled caudal fins and dark caudalfins with involvements. Look at the maternus affinis.

cheers tobi

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